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chikiryu's Journal

I'm nothing
A living pool of weird. Friends only..oh wait..I don't have any. Oh crap.
4chan, age progression, age regression, alternate realities, anarchy, androgyny, animal ears, animal tf, animals, anime, animism, art, bare foot, beasts, being tied up, blankie, blindfolds, body swap, bondage, books, bound and gagged, breaking the 4th wall, buffets, cartoons, caulk, cement, cocoons, comedy, comics, computer games, costumes, crack fiction, crack rp, crickets chirping, cross dressing, crossovers, curious, doing nothing, duct tape, encasement, escaping from reality, family, fantasies, food, freedom, fun, funny looks, fursuits, gags, gender bending, getting lost, glasses, golf, guitars, hacks, hair, harems, hermits, hiding, hot wax, human oddities, hybrid animals, imaginary friends, imagination, immobilization, inanimate tfs, independence, indoor tents, interdimensional travel, irl trolling, irony, lgbt, life extension, loner, lulz, lurk moar, lurking, making fun of everyone, manga, masks, melting people, memory loss, messy hair, mindfuck, misanthropy, mocking myself, mummification, music, muzzles, nature, nihilism, no drama, no rules, no u, no war, non-monogamy, nonsense, not growing up, not my face, not talking about sex, out of body experience, parodies, past lives, peace, piano, pillow forts, pin ups, pointless stuff, pop culture references, quizzes, reincarnation, restraints, role playing, rope bondage, rubber doll, rubber hoods, sarcasm, second skin, self bondage, self inserts, sensory deprivation, shape shifting, sissification, sketch comedy, skipping, sleepsacks, spinning around, staring at things, straight jackets, stuffed animals, superpowers, switching, the supernatural, time travel, total enclosure, transformations, traps, traveling, turning back time, vacuum beds, very few people, video games, vines, watching, weird pairings, whirlpools, writing, zentai